Cross-hairs on Iran

I’m not looking forward to this one.

I draw your attention to this quote at the end of the article.

“It is absolutely parallel. They’re using the same dance steps — demonise the bad guys, the pretext of diplomacy, keep out of negotiations, use proxies. It is Iraq redux.” — Philip Giraldi, a former CIA counterterrorism specialist, in Vanity Fair, on echoes of the run-up to the war in Iraq

I wonder what the final excuse for bombing Iran will be? WMD probably. I wouldn’t expect Dubya to feel the need for originality in his warmongering. Stick to the formula.

2 thoughts on “Cross-hairs on Iran”

  1. It’s not like our Government is totally “undeceitful”, but the recurring pattern is disturbing (at least for those who live here).

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