2 thoughts on “Sunburn”

  1. Looks fairly cunning! I think I prefer this colour scheme and layout.

    Also, WordPress seems to do a better job of arranging your pictures. Looks much better than the mess on Blogger. Were you able to port your blog content across quite easily, or did you have to do a lot of manual cut-pasting?

  2. WordPress is a hell of a lot better. The interface seems easier to use, although I’m struggling to find certain features.

    I’ve also discovered that it doesn’t allow you to edit the CSS, unless you pay up. So no tweaking for me.
    That said, they do have a lot more variation in standard themes than blogger seemed to.

    They also want money if you upload more than 50mb of pictures/video etc.
    But hey, everyone needs money, and the basic free service pretty much meets my needs.

    I was super impressed with the import facility. Posts, comments, pictures. All came across smoothly without any grief (although I caused myself some grief when I tried to fiddle with the html on one of the posts).

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