Project Update Time!

Haven’t updated the status of my numerous projects for a while, so I thought that I should.

What projects am I talking about? The structured procrastination projects, designed to make me an incredibly productive individual.

A quick overview of the tasks I set for myself:

  1. Office Work
  2. Office Admin
  3. Project A — write a novel, called “The Adventures of Commitment Man”
  4. Project B — write 100 word stories for friends and family, and give them as gifts
  5. Play chess online
  6. Blog everyday

And now an assessment of my progress in each category:

  1. Working consistently, most of the time. There are so many projects to do at the moment that there really isn’t any time to do non-work stuff during working hours (although, I am squeezing in this blog entry)
  2. Admin — not really happening independently of work. I think I shall simply lump this together with work from now on. Possibly, this reduces my structured procrastination capacity. But more on that a little later
  3. Hmm. Not going swimmingly.
    1. I’ve written an additional 1500 words or so since I conceived of this incredible plan to do stuff. A bit rubbish, really.
    2. On the plus side, I’ve started putting together a mind-map of the plot, characters, scene locations, and so forth. Things are getting a little complex and I decided I needed some sort of layout to help me keep things consistent
      1. Yes, this looks suspiciously like a sub-task to avoid actually writing the novel — but I’m convinced it’ll help get the novel written.
  4. Ah. Project B. It was going so well. Two batches written and distributed. Seven stories in total. Happy recipients. Those were the days.
    1. The family batch is waiting for me. It’s a big batch. 1 wife, 1 mother, 1 father, 2 brothers, 1 mother-in-law, 1 sister-in-law, 1 niece, 1 nephew. That’s nine stories. It feels like a lot, even though it’s only 900 words.
  5. Chess. Online. Not really happening.
  6. Blog everyday. Also not happening, but then I always knew that it wasn’t going to happen every day, so in view of that, this task is going quite well. Perhaps instead of blogging, I should focus on point 3 and 4 a little more. That’s what I really want to get done.

I also mentioned how I had been infected with dSLR attachments. So I went and splurged a little, and bought the Pentax K100D.

This allows me to add a task — 7. Take camera with me everywhere, and pretend to be a Japanese tourist.

Incidentally, I’m off to Limpopo this weekend for another wedding. Fortunately, I’m not the official wedding photographer this time — but I figure I’ll be taking a few shots of the festivities with ye newe acquisitione.

4 thoughts on “Project Update Time!”

  1. hehe – sounds like fun 🙂 Seeing as I was away, I’m just going to comment to this entry about hopefully all i missed last week.

    Good move going to wordpress, seems smoother than blogger for entries. I had some struggles with the balderdash one, so I can feel your pain.

    hmmm, be careful with Project A – didn’t your masters thesis start like that, when you were writing source code for a database thingy…. three years later no masters?? (hehe)

    WOW – now i am really jealous, I also want a dSLR 😦 gimmy gimmy gimmy!!! flippen cool dude – what lense have you got on it, and if i may ask – what is the price of the Pentax in SA? good lense options?

    BTW – the pics from Louise’s wedding look great! out of interest, I hope that you are only supplying then low quality digital copies only half of the pictures taken…. nudge nudge, wink wink, know what i mean….

  2. Migration to wordpress: Yeah — I also like the user interface a lot more than blogger’s

    Project A: Now that you mention it, the mind map is kind of a relational database for my novel. Oh dear, I’ll have to watch I don’t get too precious about the diagram O_o

    The camera: I’m loving it, but it cost me way too much. So now I take it almost everywhere and take photos of almost everything. Value for money, dammit!
    I just went with the kit lens, which I think is: 18-55mm F3.5-5.6

    Louise was very impressed with the pics, so that’s what was key.
    I think it’s only the professionals that do that. Although, the photos were excellent, and we did get the negatives eventually.

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