Chris Munton Photography

Due to a comment posted by Michael, I went to check out my wedding photographer’s website. I see he is now providing high resolution digital images on CD, as part of his wedding photo package.

I guess he’s doing this since he went digital. Back in 2003, he was still using film.

I’m mildly vexed (it really is mild, although vexation nonetheless) about this. When Angie and I contracted him for our wedding, we specifically requested a CD with all of the prints digitally. We even had to pay an extra R500.00 for the damned thing. I had assumed they would be high resolution images.

Ass U Me.

2 thoughts on “Chris Munton Photography”

  1. Hi there,

    We are very sorry that you feel this way about the resolution of your scans.

    You are welcome to collect your negatives free of charge. Please note that film involved very different processes to digital and requires expensive high-resolution scans to be able to print larger than a 6×9. A high-res scan typically costs R60 per image without the print cost.

    Today digital is so much more flexible and freely available.

    Please always feel free to contact me directly with your grievances as I will gladly always make the effort to assist you.

    Keep well,


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