Batch 3 of Project B is complete — so those affirmations might be worth something.
Since they appear to be yielding results for me, I’m afraid you will be getting more of them. Don’t worry because there will be other content. Or perhaps that is a reason to worry. I don’t know.

Technically batch 3 isn’t ready to ship, so to speak. I’ve finished writing and editing them (5 stories). The follow steps are still required, but they aren’t inhibited by the powers of procrastination and avoidance to the same extent that actually writing them is.

  1. Quality Assurance — i.e. Angie to read and comment
  2. Implement suggestions from QA, above.
  3. Final QA
  4. Typeset stories
  5. Buy paper (and ink, since my printer is running low now)
  6. Buy frames
  7. Print, cut paper to size, place in frame
  8. Package and post — except Stuart’s, since he’s coming up to Joburg quite soon.

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