4 thoughts on “All you really have…”

  1. I am going to eat a chocolate muffin in my next moment. I firmly believe that we are the sum of our experiences, and I want as many as possible to be chocolate based.

  2. or an autobiography, depending on how enthusiastic I get. I finally gritted my teeth and tried to play with technology to add you as a link on Bug Unit…but it doesn’t seem to have worked. But I am trying…

  3. I used mine reading your post while thinking in the back of my head how brains are analogous to computers in certain ways, like the hardware is the physical brain itself, the software is the interconnections between neurons (or “programming”) that make each brain capable of supporting a unique mind, and the ever-moving point of execution of the software in a running computer is like the mind’s ever-moving moment of consciousness (of course the conscious mind is gigantically parallel as opposed to our poor little computers, but the idea’s still valid).

    Since the conscious mind is really our experience of your “moment”, things dovetailed nicely together at the end there 🙂

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