Dodgy Movie Reviews

Breaking my “don’t follow random links” rule has led me to an amusing film review, by the self-proclaimed Mister Peace.

In some ways it made me think of Dodgy Movie Review. Dodgy movies were examined. But unlike Dodgy Movie Review (where an attempt is made for objectivity, and dodginess is placed on a pedestal) Mister Peace is in fact warning us to stay the hell away from films he found to be appalling.

He attacks Boondock Saints with gusto (something Dodgy Movie Review may attempt to refute at some point), and reveals something about one of the actors that has changed my impression of the film a little.
This, however, is not Mister Peace’s main focus. Mostly, he just spouts off about whatever he finds amusing. He spouts off in an amusing fashion. I was so amused I added him to my Chinese Government Approved Reading List.

Ultimately, the whole purpose of this post is to see whether or not the custodian of Dodgy Movie Review will post a rebuttal.

6 thoughts on “Dodgy Movie Reviews”

  1. methinks, amusing as it is, this might just be a random link that should not have been passed by the Chinese Link Reading Authorities 🙂

  2. Jenbug:
    The Chinese Link Reading Authorities are bureaucratic, and sometimes certain things slip through. There might be an audit though, and the responsible people will be severely reprimanded.

    Indeed he does. That was part of the reason I linked to the site.

  3. Hmm, interesting. I may have to move Boondock Saints up the review list a little. Oh well, something to watch again this weekend.

  4. Curses to halfhaggis. Now I have Dodgy Movie Review open, and I desperately want to know which movie will next score a stay-puft marshmellow man rating of 5/5. The suspense is too much!

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