Project Update

This month’s update is overdue, but at least it will be succinct.

The projects:

  1. Project A — Write the novel, “The Adventures of Commitment Man”
  2. Project B — Write 100 word stories for family and friends, and present them as gifts
  3. Play chess online
  4. Blog every day
  5. Take camera everywhere, and pretend to be a Japanese tourist

The results:

  1. Bah!
  2. Stories printed, framed, shipped, delivered, appreciated. I have hardly any intention to start on the next batch, but I know I really should.
  3. Bah!
  4. Seven posts. Bah!
  5. Bah! However, a plan for photography expeditions has been hatched with Quinn and Gareth. It is in its infancy. I worry about the infant mortality rate for this kind of thing.

The excuses:

I developed some expectations regarding permanent employment opportunities as a technical writer. Legden has warned me against having any expectations whatsoever, but it’s awfully difficult to implement.
The expectations were not met, and I lapsed into a week-long sadness.
Leading up to the disappointment, I couldn’t really focus on very much either because of the anticipation of success. Thus nothing much has been accomplished this month.

The good news is that I have transformed the disappointment into motivation and am putting my focus into developing a portfolio of published writing. This is considered important for some inexplicable reason. Honestly, can’t they just see my writing genius radiating outward? Perhaps the radiation is too powerful for them to cope with, and they deployed lead shields.
I already have a couple of promising opportunities.

I propose adding another item to the projects list: Get 5 articles published in reputable magazines.

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