How to generate traffic for your blog

Write about solving the problems Microsoft Word imposes on you.

To my dismay, the post relating the way in which to solve the portrait/landscape printing mix-up conundrum generates the most page views on this blog.
Closely following that are the meandering and slightly obfuscated GPRS on linux and migrate from thunderbird to evolution howtos.
Then, I think people are searching for Kelty the place, and finding pictures of my dog. An entirely unsatisfying result for them and me.

It would seem people on the internet want help. I suppose that when I next write a technical howto post, I’ll make an effort to keep it clear and concise. Easy to understand. I might even summarise the key points. I should put in the extra effort there because that’s what the random people are actually bothering to read. I should try to make it a rewarding experience for them.

At the end, I’ll add some links to more entertaining posts that I actually want people to read.

2 thoughts on “How to generate traffic for your blog”

  1. i think this is because geeks are ruling the world, and making the other humans (and machines) do their bidding while they sit around reading blogs all day.

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