4 thoughts on “Cutting Edge Pest Control Technology from Lopis”

  1. The moat is too small! The ants are laughing at Lopis! They see this as some sort of Holiday resort..Lopisland! They have probably built a Ferry behind the bowl and are coining it. ‘Bring all your ‘Antis’ and Uncles for a free weekend. Meals provided!”

  2. Aah, the ants. We had bowls like that at my mom’s place in Durban… they too did not work. Especially when the water that is used to create the “moat” dries up in like, 5 minutes easy, in Durban’s sweltering heat. Then the ants take advantage. They take the chance to inspect the contraption that is stopping them from getting to the holy land.. they draw diagrams.. they tell their friends. Ants can spread the word faster than a pig in the wild.

    The result is clear.

    I miss the ants… I haven’t seen ants like that over here in Edinburgh. Perhaps Scotland does not have ants? I will have to investigate this allegation further, tomorrow on the way to the bus, perhaps.

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