Thank you for the frogs

It was my birthday yesterday, and I received many frogs.
Thanks to everyone who sent me a message-carrying frog.

As most people won’t understand what the hell I’m talking about, I should probably attempt to explain myself
A tiny frog lives inside my cellular telephone. Whenever someone sends me an SMS, it croaks. I call this “receiving a frog.”* This isn’t an accurate term for what occurs as I do not receive additional frogs when people send me messages. Regardless of this, the frog does croak and it is as if I have received another frog since I cannot believe the frog is still alive in the phone after all this time (with no source of food or water).

Other methods of communication were also used in conveying happy, well-wishing greetings to me. Amazing, ground-breaking technologies such as Electronic Mail and Telephony were utilised.
Others used an inexplicable phenomenon known as the Face of the Intertubebookwubwubs, you young whippersnappers!
Some used Spoken Word Propagated through Gaseous Medium Interface (SWPtGMI, pronounced SwiptaGimmee)

Thank you all for your kind words and well-wishings. Quite a few people like me quite a lot. It never ceases to amaze me because I’m quite a grumpy bugger.

* Actually, Angie called it this but I immediately adopted the term.

3 thoughts on “Thank you for the frogs”

  1. I wish that I could have been there to give you a hug instead of a frog. Also, don’t put yourself down- you might be a grumpy bugger but you still manage to be hilarious. That’s mostly why people stick around. And Angie’s purple chicken…

  2. I take full responsibility for introducing you to this troubled world, and to the noisy world of frogs – (there is a considerably large collection waiting for you to inherit…Reddit, dammit, I hear you say)
    However, you were the sweetest, cutest, most blond, blue-eyed cherub ever, all the attributes which I passed on to you, of course. (apart from the ‘blond’ bit. A bottle of a magical solution helped bring that about) (Confessions of a desperate housewife)
    Unfortunately, any negative traits can only be inherently patriarchal, proof (for you – and for me) that you are the son of your father, but you are indeed side-splittingly funny, which more than compensates for the grumpy days.
    Keep smiling! – and don’t stop writing!

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