Doggy treats! On a platter!

 Doggy treats!

A little photography proof-of-concept that Quinn and I tried out with my dog Kelty.
We didn’t pay much attention to the background, which is why I removed it.
Nor did we worry too much about lighting, which is why the use of flash is obvious.

Kelty was not amused, so we didn’t eat him.

3 thoughts on “Doggy treats! On a platter!”

  1. Aww ma, not dog again… 😉

    I love the background – it makes it feel a bit like one of those epileptic Japanese adverts that we were talking about at the time.

  2. Quinn: I spent quite a while stuffing around with the background until I finally decided on that.

    I also played around with making your teeth look more dodgy, but decided against it.

    End result — I’ve learned quite a bit about photo-manipulation with the gimp — especially making better selections.

    jenbug: You might be right, but I think he would be quite tough to eat.
    Ang and I have nicknamed him “Fats.”

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