Project Progress

In case you were wondering whether your efforts of voting in my survey had all been for nought, I felt I should lay any potential concerns to rest.

I have joined forces with Quinn to hunt down a photography club in Johannesburg. Other people mentioned something about joining us, but so far I’ve only had excuses from them. You next chance, by the way, is on 18 February, when we’ll be checking out Camera Club Johannesburg (CCJ). It’s at a new venue, so if you want to come along with us let me know.

We previously investigated JPS, but Tuesdays aren’t really ideal for either of us. Still, the club thing looks promising and entertaining at the very least.

As for “Commitment Man — The Serialised Novel”  I’ve done a little digging around and I’ve found a useful application that should be able to help me out with structuring the plot and so on. It’s called Writer’s Café and is a suite of  mostly pointless applications, with the exception of the plotting application Storylines. Storylines makes the whole thing worth it.
Unfortunately it isn’t free, but the demo looks promising. Even more promising is that it runs natively on Linux, so hopefully there will soon be some content on Commitment Man.

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