All Hail Our Glorious Leader

Leadership in South Africa. It’s looking a little dismal these days.

That Jacob Zuma guy, who’s ostensibly running the country at the moment, seems really nice.  He’s very affable. People like him. He’s charming and makes you want to be his friend. He cracks jokes. He has a jolly laugh.

But the President of the country isn’t supposed to be a stand-up comedian. Not saying that comedians can’t become presidents of countries, but they should probably take a sabbatical from comedy until after their term of office…

Read the rest of this Valuable Rubbish at the Moral Fibre Blog.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve spewed out yet another blog. This time for more serious, lengthier commentary. Waffle Group used to serve this function, but I’m not sure what Waffle Group does any more. It seems to display photos at the moment. Perhaps next week it will do something else.

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