High Protein Waffles (via )

Saw this on Freshly Pressed and I just couldn’t resist. There hasn’t been actual waffle here for quite some time.

High Protein Waffles This waffle recipe has fast become a favorite at our house. I love it because it is a healthy soaked whole grain, gluten free*, full of protein start to the day. My husband and children love it because you would never know that it is healthy, gluten free, or full of protein; it just tastes light and delicious. 12-24 hours before: soak 1 cup organic rolled oats in 3/4 cup whey (or 1 cup yogurt if you don’t have just whey). This should be done at r … Read More


One thought on “High Protein Waffles (via )”

  1. Who’s kidding who? What mother has time to start preparing breakfast two days in advance, and then up at 5am to finish off that designer, healthy, green environmentally-friendly breakfast in time for school, work, etc????
    Muesli and yoghurt or plain old-fashioned bran flakes works for me, and the cherry on top – a bowl of jungle oats is cholestorol-free!! What a bonus.

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