Bean Prison Visit

Bean incarcerated in Scotland. But super-fluffy and super-happy

We visited the Bean-dog in quarantine on Saturday. They actually locked us in her dog-run (she also has as heated sleeping area that isn’t exposed to the elements). I assume that people have attempted to jailbreak their pets in the past.

Nevermind—we’ll be better prepared next time when we smuggle in the wire-cutters.

4 thoughts on “Bean Prison Visit”

  1. Crikey, that is one depressing-looking place; it’s like Guantanamo Bay for dogs. I bet they don’t show visitors the waterboarding room.

    1. It is quite utilitarian. They were overly security conscious too, so you might have a point. And no, they didn’t show us the waterboarding room.

  2. …awww poor thing, butshe looks happy and at last she’ll be home with you guys soon:-) Good ‘ol Bean dog!

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