Tribute to Kelty Dog

Kelty Dog has passed from this realm of existence. He’s moved on to wherever it is that Goose-Chasing-Stinky-Stonky-Peat-Bog-Dogs go.

Kelty, we shall miss your sock-chewing ways and biscuit-begging dances. We shall miss your silky fluffy-fatness and your grumpy-growl when we moved you from a comfy spot. Rest in Peace.

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One thought on “Tribute to Kelty Dog”

  1. Alas, poor Kelty :(. He was truly a fat dog, but as he proved, fat can be awesome too. Just look at Fatmouse, John Candy, and manatees by way of example.

    Hopefully he has an adequate supply of underwear, shoes, and unmentionable things from the compost heap wherever he is now.

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