Former colleagues in their workplaces

And so all of my colleagues from Umhlaba make an appearance on Waffle Group. Their physical condition on the last day of work immortalised forever on the internetwebtubes.

It was great working with you guys. May you never again have to deal with Social and Labour Plans.

Ntseketsi. Super cheerful
Lynn. Not loving the camera
Gladys. Close up.
Andrew. Uncharacteristically serious.
Preesha. Concentrating

Hullets Helps Tourists by Stating the Obvious

World Cup is happening in South Africa, and the Hullets sugar-manufacturing people think tourists are horribly ignorant.

They use to put trite quotations on the back of their sugar sachets, along the lines of “You miss 100% of the slit wrists you don’t cut” or something. Now it’s mundane facts about South Africa, as illustrated.

Hullets. Sugar for Dummies

The Axe Effect — Dying Cockroaches

Good for you!

Indeed, the poisonous substances aisle is a curious place to put a deodorant advertisement. But then again, all Axe adverts seem to suggest that Axe will intoxicate women. I just didn’t realise it went to quite this extent.

Heads up Axe buyers! Those women lunging over towards you are not overcome with lust for your irresistible body, they are overcome by the toxic fumes of your bug-spray.