SagCAD: The briefest of reviews

SagCAD Does it save?

I’m looking for CAD software on Linux, and I came across SagCAD. The only value I derived from my interaction with the software was the above dialogue box. The software is horribly unintuitive and crashed when I tried to open some of my existing dxf files.

It took me 15 minutes before I figured out how to draw a line, and I’m usually quite good at unravelling mystifying user interfaces.

In conclusion — leave SagCAD alone. Use QCAD instead.

Edit: The manual is in Japanese, but they’ve helpfully provided a machine-translated English version. Hilarious. Here is an extract to whet your appetite:

< Note > The active layer (the current layer) it inserts the data which is inserted. Because of that, it is becoming one layer it becomes the figure in the layer of here and there, confused.

Edit again: I promise not to edit this post again, but this is too good to pass up. The original message asking “does it save” has been superseded by this from the SagCAD manual:

It is undo

A prediction

At a point in the relatively near future, software will no longer be delivered to you in a box.

Baby in a box

Everything that runs on your computer will be downloaded. This is obvious. This is already mostly the case.

Soon after that, people will forget that software ever came in a box in the first place.

Software marketing people will continue to delight in describing software features available “Out-of-the-Box!” No-one will know why, but they’ll think it has something to do with lateral thinking. Or possibly suffocating babies.