10 thoughts on “Satan’s Poodle (Poor Mumphred)”

  1. Poor, poor Mumphred.

    He/She/It looks terrified in that first photo, but then again who wouldn’t be, with Satan’s Poodle savaging their very heart.

  2. That be one scary poodle. I hope no kids come across this site otherwise they may start to have an irrational fear of poodles.

    Still, I suppose that that is better than a fear of spaniels.

  3. I suppose Mumphred had it coming though… I mean who walks around holding their heart in there hands like that 🙂

    Those are some scary eyes you added…

  4. It has been pointed out to me that naming something that you know is going to be disembowelled falls under the category of cruel and unusual. What kind of a sick monster are you?

  5. Not only that – he named it “Mumphred”. That should tell you everything you need to know about how sick a monster he is.

  6. When inciting aggression in my Killer Poodle, i find it more convenient to chant “Where’s Mumphred? Where’s Mumphred? Kill Mumphred!” instead of “Where’s the plush-toy? Where’s the plush-toy? Kill the plush-toy!”

    This should answer both of your concerns

  7. jaja you are lol you think that that is truth is pure camera although o.O is dogs with the red eyes but no like that jajaja

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