Procrastination Progress Report

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone has the context of this post, but just in case the hyperlink to the context is provided at absolutely no extra cost (twice).

If you’re reading this then it’s quite obvious that I’m doing well at the “writing blog entries” task. It is no longer being procrastinated.

Obvious drawback is that other things are. Although, it’s not really that serious considering it’s the weekend. So, if I avoided blogging, then I’d should be working, but I’m not going to do any work on the weekend.

Of course, that means I should skip work and look at Project A.
Nah, skip that too.

Project B: looking good kids.
In earlier discussions with Quinn it was decided that I should incentivise myself by issuing the gifts to recipients as they are completed. Since this behaviour could result in certain people getting upset because “they didn’t get one,” it forces me to actually complete all of the gifts.
Further, we decided that they would be distributed in batches. The first batch has already shipped. The second batch is almost ready to ship (one story left to write, but I know what to write). This means I wrote one story and conceptualised another. Productivity people!
Now, there is some concern that this particular batch might require an additional item, in order to avoid disappointment. So scratch that: two stories to write, but one already conceptualised and the weekend is but young.

Chess: I have played quite a bit today, happily avoiding other activities. I’ve discovered a rather amusing variant that they play on FICS, called “Atomic Chess.”
Now that’s an allusion to the atomic bomb because when you capture a piece, it “explodes,” removing the captured piece, itself, and all adjacent pieces from the board (with the exception of pawns, which stay behind). Now, if you don’t really play chess much, this won’t be of that much interest. But let me just say this: I feel a more apt name for the variant would be “Suicide Bomber Chess,” because there are no ballistic-missile pieces in chess.
That’s a useful piece you’re blowing up when you make a capture.

Unrelated (although not, since it is procrastination but not part of the structure): I’ve spawned a halfhaggis Flickr account. It has a couple of photos up that a posted to test whether F-spot integrated with it properly. It does. I’m mighty pleased because it’s so easy.
Perhaps I’ll start spewing out photos there on a regular basis. At least then, those who care, have a chance of actually seeing some my photos.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination Progress Report”

  1. Excellent; I see the SP is going well so far. Good man.

    Re: Atomic Chess, sounds amusing. I can see how that would change the gameplay fairly radically. What you really need is SuicideBomberChess960, for sheer unadulterated silliness.

    Re: Flickr, I see their site is in “gamma”, which makes a chucklesome change from alpha or beta, although I’m not quite sure what it means. Tell me though – is there any reason you decided against using Google’s Picasa web-album thingy wotzit if you just want to be able to post pics to the webtubes quickly? That would save you creating yet another web presence thing page (just use your Google acc), and also appears to integrate with F-Spot.

  2. i don’t like posting after kittychunk, because it disincentivises (you know) me to write meaningful stuff, because the above post is already saying a lot. so instead, i will admit that i was the recipient of project B and i enjoyed my gift immensely. also, read my tales of the house of cheese.

    this is all.

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