Things are proceeding exactly as I had foreseen

Excellent news. The next batch of Project B is ready for packing and dispatch.

This means, soon, I shall publish the first batch on Deviant Art. This is yet another motivational incentive scheme I have devised, using the concepts of both immediate and delayed gratification:

Consider gift batches x, y and z.
Consider gift recipient groups X, Y, and Z.On completion of x, x is presented to X.
On completion of y, y is presented to Y and x is published on Deviant Art so that X, Y, and Z can all read x.
On completion of z, z is presented to Z and y is published on Deviant Art so that X, Y, and Z can all read y.

And so forth.

By completing the first batch, I am rewarded immediately by giving it to the recipient. But, I gain further reward at a later stage from the same batch by publishing it once I deliver the subsequent batch. Double the reward, double the enjoyment at the end of the day. In your pants.

Those of you who are recipients of the completed batch should expect some mail. If you didn’t get mail, you might be in the next batch. And herein lies a further incentive angle — pressure from those who have not yet received, but have a rough idea of what to expect from checking out Deviant Art (although, there may be some delay in getting that up there, but I’ll let you know when it’s up).

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