100 word stories published

Since I’ve basically finished the work on batch 3 of Project B (the 100 word stories), I have published batch 2 on deviant art.

100 words for Rachelle, Quinn, Frances, Michael, and Gareth.
Go have look then and tell me what you think.


Clothe from China

China Clothe
For a close-up of the carefully chosen text, click the thumbnails below.

boy and happy. leave your unbrella at home. love sunlisschildhood. holish or a meticulons phencn manicure. childhood. yty raphic delights on for size
Too bad I can’t wear this without looking gay. Not that looking gay is a problem, but I don’t want to disappoint any of the nice boys.

Microsoft — not threatened at all

I suppose I should own up to inadvertently following useless links. There is an excuse, but it’s slightly feeble.

I decided to streamline my assertion to not follow random links from google reader by creating an Approved Reading list. In doing this, it was necessary to click on my technology in order to purge it of evil. No really…
The link at the top of the list was this: Free Software Movement Dead — Microsoft
How the hell was I supposed to ignore that?
Following that lead me to more vexation, with Microsoft claiming a whole bunch of patent infringements (that, by the way, is a good article for the non-geeks amongst my readers to have a look at), but it seems they’re just making a lot of noise with little to back it.

But, now that reader has been streamlined to provide me with my government approved reading, this sort of thing shouldn’t happen again.


Batch 3 of Project B is complete — so those affirmations might be worth something.
Since they appear to be yielding results for me, I’m afraid you will be getting more of them. Don’t worry because there will be other content. Or perhaps that is a reason to worry. I don’t know.

Technically batch 3 isn’t ready to ship, so to speak. I’ve finished writing and editing them (5 stories). The follow steps are still required, but they aren’t inhibited by the powers of procrastination and avoidance to the same extent that actually writing them is.

  1. Quality Assurance — i.e. Angie to read and comment
  2. Implement suggestions from QA, above.
  3. Final QA
  4. Typeset stories
  5. Buy paper (and ink, since my printer is running low now)
  6. Buy frames
  7. Print, cut paper to size, place in frame
  8. Package and post — except Stuart’s, since he’s coming up to Joburg quite soon.

Danger Danger, Neil Robinson!

So this plan of mine to avoid aimlessly drifting around on the internet, and to actually Get Things Done TM has been working quite well so far.
Except for today. Today I thought I’d bend the rules a little. Today I said, “I can read the headlines on the Mail & Guardian news feed, as long as I don’t follow them, because otherwise I’ll lose track with what is going on in the world.”

But then a particularly interesting headline jumps out at me and says, in its sultry, seductive voice, “Click…” A pause as it draws breath in slowly between its teeth, making a gentle hissing sound. “Me…”

So I’m not allowed to do that now either.