The new fluff -- apparently a Yorkie cross who-knows-what
The new fluff -- apparently a Yorkie cross who-knows-what

We have another. Angie’s colleague is getting divorced and Harry needs a home. Yes, Harry. We didn’t name him, so I take no responsibility.

He is a strange beast — somewhat larger than the Yorkshire Terrior ancestry he supposedly holds.

He also likes to bark at things. Nothings.

We’ll sort him out. At least he fears the Vuvuzela (but not the water adversive — actually enjoys swimming and barks incessently to be admitted to the pool) which seems to quiet him when waved in his general direction.

3 thoughts on “Dog”

    1. Whiskey will only work if he had some Irish Settler in him. Whisky, on the other hand, may be good for a Scots dog. But he is far too lithe to have any of that short-legged, stout breed in his genes.

  1. “Harry”. What a serious name for a hound. He does look rather serious in the photo though, definitely not a “Spot”, “Lucky”, or “Rover”.

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