Yesterday I went for a haircut.

Bottle-Blonde-Girl went too. Except she wasn’t getting her haircut, she
was having her roots retouched. She put her large bag down on the
surface in front of the mirrors and out jumped a small furry beast. It
ran down the counter and attempted to drink my coffee before being
whisked away.
Bottle-Blonde-Girl apologised for the inconvenience, but she didn’t take
her long-haired Yorksire terrier home. She’d even brought a hot-water
bottle along in case Fufi (that was its name) got cold. Hmmm.

I think the next time I go to get my haircut I’ll take Bean with me and
see what sort of reaction I get. No-one told BBG that pets were not
allowed, so I don’t see why there would be a problem with me bringing my
What would be really cool is if I had a pet rat or ferret. Or even
better – a pet snake. They couldn’t kick me out because I’d cry foul
about Fufi getting special treatment, but the hair-dressers would all be
kind of jumpy which would be great fun. My haircut might not turn out so
well though, I suppose.

Dubious Day of Doubtful ‘do

Bean went for a hair-do (read hair-cut, but I needed to tie up the title “‘do” for our slower readers), but there was a misunderstanding over terminology.
I asked for winter-cut, expecting that to mean long hair, but neater, and without the matted bits. Summer-cut is something that I did not want because that would mean short hair, with silly and frankly embarrassing long bits.
Apparently this is long hair. I’m doubtful. If it is long, then it has even longer embarrassing bits. On the positive side, it is without the matted bits.

The sales clerk revealed that I was actually looking for was a polar cut. Right… well as she said ‘unfortunately we can’t put the hair backon.’

Bean as she appears now…