5 thoughts on “Mumphred’s Woe”

  1. The glowing eyes were one thing. The glowing nose is just utterly freaky. Satan’s Poodle is becoming more Satanic by the second.

    Poor Mumphred! It looks so lost without its heart.

    Anyone care to bet on which limb will be the first to go?

  2. Before you know it he will have grown another 2 heads, but then he would be Hades’ Poodle.

    I reckon it is going to be the left leg, of course, halfhaggis could always influence this by holding specific body parts away from Bean.

  3. Hmm, true. Neil does have a degree of control over the delimbing process.

    Although I would love to see Mumphred rendered headless, while remaining otherwise intact…

  4. I have taken your comments into consideration and have stopped holding Mumphred by the ear (which was causing the ear to be the most likely candidate for first ‘limb’ to go).

    Holding Mumphred by the body only from now on.

  5. Hmm, doesn’t holding M by the body put your hand in rather close proximity to Satan’s Canine’s Canines?

    In that case, I think you should add “Neil’s Fingers” to the list of possible limbs to lose…

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