The Handytard Strikes Back!

I could write a whole spiel in the style of Star Wars, drawing an analogy between the Handytards fighting the evil empire of DIY, but I’ve got the reference to Star Wars all backwards. I also can’t be bothered today. Instead, the photos must tell the story.

Handytard is making a comeback, and may even be able to turn the match around.

5 thoughts on “The Handytard Strikes Back!”

  1. Even better than masking tape and plastic bag, get someone (or use your knees if possible) and hold the end of a vacuum cleaner under the hole drilling spot. It sucks up the dirt as it falls out, and then you can also vacuum the hole so that the raw-plug fits better ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s going to require way too much coordination.

      And the other person I need to help out has to make sure my offspring doesn’t plunge to his death or pull heavy objects down on to himself.

      I’ll have to wait until Jethro is bigger and I can indenture him has my Handytard slave. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Guys.

    Don’t be scared of making a mess.

    Metrosexual fretting about getting dust on the frilly linens has no place in the handytard universe. Check it in at the door, put on your Tim Allen Caveman persona, and fire up ’em power tools!

    1. Not actually being a Handytard yourself, it is evident that you do not fully understand the handytard mindset.

      Handytards have a terribly fear of Breaking Things. A justified fear, because they usually do break things. The term “Breaking Things” extends to cover Making a Mess. Making a Mess is Breaking Things too, because a mess needs to be fixed, just as the the broken wall/window/tile/shrubbery needs to be fixed. It’s just easier to fix a mess than more conventionally broken thing.

      This has nothing to do with dusty frilly linens. It is entirely to do with an overwhelming sense of incompetence. When the Handytard has nothing to fix after its attempt at DIY, it deludes itself into thinking it might be getting the hand of this stuff.

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