[WaffleG] The Band Formally Known as Skyscraper

Greetings Wafflings

Jaco (a.k.a Zskilz – don’t ask me why) has a band which he ridicules on a regular basis. I don’t know why because the music isn’t as crap as he likes to make out.
I like it, and I’m the Mighty Waffle Master! As they say, one Waffle Master can’t be wrong.

Anyway, he’s planning to change the band name from Skyscraper to something else, and you can help.
Visit the site, download the music, throw in a band name suggestion or ten.
You can also critique the music here.

Make it so.

The Grammar Nazi

There has been much talk of the Spelling Nazi on Hoblit’s and Hoke’s blog.

Enter the Grammar Nazi!
While perusing the pages of deviant art I stumbled upon this work and associated comments.
There was some unnecessary jibing of the artist by a poster, and so I decided to take action. Read the comments (specifically the one’s I made and those of the person I was replying to). Then return here.

Read the comments yet?
I decided to stir up some trouble, having anointed myself the Grammar Nazi.

It was inappropriate to cause more trouble on that page, so I sent our angry friend a personal note.

“‘no i dont mind looking like an arsehole, because i am an arsehole but i don’t want to portray myself as a moron because i am not. the last time i checked my I.Q. was 136 which is 4 points below genius.’ Hey. At least you’re honest with yourself. But do I sense a little insecurity about your 4 missing I.Q. points? That you need to explicitly cite your I.Q. score at all is indicative of deep felt anxiety regarding your self-worth. Maybe if you weren’t trying so hard to prove how stupid everyone else is compared to you, then perhaps you’d be less of an arsehole.

Good luck in your quest for meaning and pandas in your life!”

This comment of mine stirred him into a vexed rage. He sent me not one caustic reply, but four!
I’ll spare you the full messages, but I will list the gems. A kind of “highlights” package.

  • He threatened to bootstomp me six feet into the ground
  • He threatened to curbstomp me and defeat me in a trivia contest and claimed to be a superior artist to me — all in one sentence.
  • He threatened to kick my teeth in and force me to swallow them.
  • He denied being insecure, and professed to being a ‘cocky [naughty word]’ and a borderline genius
  • He complemented me on my photography: Yes, you read that right.
  • He speculated that I must be from France, but then threatened to astral travel to South Africa and paint the walls with my flesh.
  • He professed of his superior intellect once again, and pointed out that he possessed a powerful aura.
  • He called me a “stupid bitch” for trying to comment on his “grammer”(sic).
  • And, my favourite, he recommended that I “go eat a bag of dicks.” Unfortunately he did not supply me with the contact details of a retailer where I might procure such a delicacy.

He certainly provided me with a good night’s entertainment. Even his a girlfriend jumped into the fray, but she was no where as amusing.



A blog comprised entirely of spam. With links to other blogs comprised entirely of spam.
Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam.

Bloody vikings!

Naughty Words

My brother Stuart insists I post this, uh, transcript of his.
I will humour him this time – but really Stuart, just get your own blog.
As already mentioned, it contains naughty words. Don’t read it if you can’t cope with naughty words.

Ashlee is Stuart’s friend from school who lives in London at the moment. What follows is an SMS ‘conversation’

The Players:

  • Stu – Brother of esteemed Waffle Master
  • Reprobate – A morally unprincipled person, one who is predestined to damnation

The Transcript

Day 1:
Hi Ashlee. How are you doing. Somehow got your phone code the wrong way around, so haven’t been able to contact you. But all is now well again 🙂 Stu

Day 3:
Fuck off and dont send to me message again
Stu (not sent):
Excuse me?! what the fuck is your problem? You low life. If I have the wrong number its not all that goddamn difficult to say so in a more polite manner. What a complete tosser you are. This wasnt always your number you fuck wit.
Stu (sent):
Excuse me?! I have to assume you are in fact not Ashlee. I must also admit that if you had had the cranial capacity to reply politely to me, then it would have been easy for me to comply with your request, but alas, that was not the case. So I may send miscellaneous messages from time to time-just to keep you on your toes. Hope you don’t mind.

Day 4:
Fuck off and dont send to me message again Fuck you
You really are an uncouth reprobate
Hi.Im her boy friend what you want tell me
I see. Well, seems she has chosen well. I am actually a friend of hers from school and you seem to be a little bit of a nightmare. So I’m not entirely sure what your issue is. If she’s not interested in speaking to me I’m sure she can tell me herself.
I dont want talking with you please dont send to me message
Ok. One last message. Who is this?
Hmm. I see. Coincidence.
Fuck you mother Fucker Fucken torso
You really need to perhaps spend some time in a schooling environment, so that you can enhance your vast vocabulary. If you are an example of British youth I am pretty disappointed actually. Cheers

Camera Saga – Part II (See Argh! for Part I)

Good news.
I am mightily impressed.

My friends at Foto Distributors-Nikon phoned me back and told me to come
and collect a new camera, a model up from what I had broken.

Thank you Lourens, who I spoke with yesterday. Lourens is clearly an
important person in Nikon-land (or at least competent).
I’m yet to see whether the new camera works. I’m waiting for the battery
to cahrge [edit: To the Spelling Nazi! I leave this typo here in impunity!] (the camera doesn’t take the many rechargeable AA’s that I bought for the previous model – grr) The saga may not be over yet, but
I’ll be optimistic.

[edit: Camera is just dandy!]


Bloody hell! What an annoying day it’s been today.
I went to collect my camera from Nikon – at long last it had been
repaired. It seemed to be in working order – took a photo at the shop.
All seemed well in photo la-la-land.

I get home and fiddled with some of the non-default settings. Bang!
Horrible glitches appear all over the damned LCD screen. Where there is
meant to be a cross-hair on the screen, there is instead a randomly
arranged assortment of yellow pixels obscuring most of the picture.

Goes away when I change back to the normal settings, but this is clearly
But wait… there’s more!

I phone them back to voice my displeasure and speak to the technician.
He seems puzzled about the problem. He seems even more puzzled when I
mention that I’d claimed from insurance for the repair. ‘What? But it
should’ve been a write-off. You should have told us it was for insurance
purposes,’ he says.

couldn’t the stupid moron at the counter tell the technicians this is
something I am having trouble figuring out.


But wait! If you buy now, we’ll give you PC troubles! [Warning: Geek
person content]
After phoning them my joy increased not at all when I couldn’t run
openoffice – it wouldn’t start up at all, or just hung there. Tried a
couple of things, and then finally decided to reinstall it – except my
root partition complained. Device read-only. Huh? Even logined in as
root I couldn’t write any files. Started getting all kind of exciting
ext3 write errors. Yippee yay dandy doodah!

I mean..

Reboot into Gentoo LiveCD, run fsck. All happy now. Except I’m really
getting sick of attaching stuff to /lost+found. It’s happened 3 times in
the last month or so.

Dubious Day of Doubtful ‘do

Bean went for a hair-do (read hair-cut, but I needed to tie up the title “‘do” for our slower readers), but there was a misunderstanding over terminology.
I asked for winter-cut, expecting that to mean long hair, but neater, and without the matted bits. Summer-cut is something that I did not want because that would mean short hair, with silly and frankly embarrassing long bits.
Apparently this is long hair. I’m doubtful. If it is long, then it has even longer embarrassing bits. On the positive side, it is without the matted bits.

The sales clerk revealed that I was actually looking for was a polar cut. Right… well as she said ‘unfortunately we can’t put the hair backon.’

Bean as she appears now…